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Good article

Some Diagnostics Hurt Your Brain... Fixing Difficult and Perplexing Problems - Automotive Service Professional

I enjoy working through diagnostics, with my favorite being driveability concerns. The most common diagnostics that I perform relate to check engine lights, and lately…

I am here..but only for the beer !!

RRLA00 shared a photo. 8 months ago

Inspecting an Uber car...some shops will patch anything...a plug in the corner near the sidewall?!

RRLA00 shared a photo. 8 months ago

Say what you want...I like it. Harbor Freight

RRLA00 created a new forum topic 1991 Lexus LS400, No Start Issue 8 months ago

After a thousand different answers I finally stumbled on an answer to help me figure out the dreaded no start issue on the Lexus LS400. Even some experienced Lexus Techs couldn't seem to figure it out....

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