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RRLA00 created a new topic ' Hola Amigo' in the forum. 1 month ago

Hello.....ahaha jjd sjjd djdjd ahaga shshs sss aaja


RRLA00 shared a photo. 2 months ago

"Yo...Mr. White!!"

RRLA00 added a video. 2 months ago

DIY Bri's | Mechanics Service Cart Review | Tool...

Diy Bri Shows you around his new Homak Automotive Service Carts. View how he sets up his mechanics tools for increased productivity. Find out his...

Good article

Some Diagnostics Hurt Your Brain... Fixing Difficult and Perplexing Problems - Automotive Service Professional

I enjoy working through diagnostics, with my favorite being driveability concerns. The most common diagnostics that I perform relate to check engine lights, and lately…

I am here..but only for the beer !!

RRLA00 shared a photo. 10 months ago

Inspecting an Uber car...some shops will patch anything...a plug in the corner near the sidewall?!